Once something has been revolved, can it be undone? In order to edit it, it seems it has to be a 2d sketch, and once it’s revolved the part is locked in. That can’t be, so how come no amount of searching comes up with a way to simply undo the revolving?

The sketch is not locked to the body you created by revolving the sketch. The sketch is still there un-revolved to be edited and or re-revolved if you so please… unless you deleted the sketch after revolving… in that case undo is your friend… unless you closed the app and reopened it… In that case you must re-sketch… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ouch no un-revolve? My old CAD (turbo cad) was apparently more usable. Revolve did not permanently lock a part into 3D like this does. To lose the ability to edit an object after it’s been revolved…, how is that usable? I don’t get it. It means that you can’t use the revolve feature. Is revolve just for temporarily looking at what your might look like? Just get a quick 3D view to screen shot and show a client? And then quickly go back by hitting the undo button? That’s crazy. That’s not how anything should work. No feature should destroy the ability to edit an object.

I just found out there is no way place points at exact coordinates either. Who uses this? Must not be for machinists at all. 3D printing? I guess that could be it

You can absolutely edit your revolved features, but not by modifying the sketch. You can edit the 3D body directly.

Some here are using Shapr for Machining just fine. Examples are in the share your work part of the forum.

Why not show us what you are trying to achieve with a screenshot or 2?

Question: What is “unrevolve” and why would you need it?

Don’t give up on Shapr just yet, It’s not your Dad’s CAD. That is what makes it so special! With this app there can be several ways to achieve a result.


By unrevolve I simply mean being able to go back the drawing the way it was before revolving it. Apparently closing the app eliminates that capability.

So if my cylinder has elaborate spline curves and I revolve it, can I then still go back any time and move a spline point by .002? That is what I need to do.

So if my drawing has elaborate spline curves, and I revolve it, will I be able to go back any time and move spline points?

Actually it seems that you can undo the revolve even after you close the app. Deleting the entire object leaves the original sketch in tact. So now we know that to un-revolve and object you need to delete the object. How is that intuitive? I would not mind reading a 2 inch thick book if there was one that documented things like this. Have not found much of a manual so far.

Intuitive? Maybe not, but handy? Yes. Way less finicky than some parametric modeler/ history based modelers.

On Shapr:

  1. You will need to think outside the box
  2. Forget they way “other” modelers work, Shapr is unique in several ways.
  3. Patience. Shapr is evolving rapidly and they do listen to our requests.
  4. Fleshing out designs and on the fly adding features to designs is super easy.
  5. Works with a pen like no other modeling/cad program.

Give it some time before you toss it aside.,

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Do the tutorials!!! At least 6! Be prepared, they are old and the tools have changed, but they are still relevant. :blush:

So the way to turn off the revolve view is to click on the little stack of papers, and then click on the eyeball icon next to body drawing. That toggles the revolve view. Then you can edit spline points etc, and does not get affected by closing the app. If you try to edit spline points in the revolve view it seems to do nothing.