Adjusting a spring height

So I modelled a spring (REVOLVE then set height/rotation parameters) but would like to be able to distort it as if under compression - once DONE is selected these options seem to be inaccessible.
(I’ve attached an image file but not sure if it will post.)

You just need to adjust the height and keep the same rotation:

Example: 3600* 25 in / 3600* 15 in

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Thanks, but is this operation possible once the original has been created and the ‘Done’ button pressed - I can’t access the height or angle once the drawing has been ‘put down’.

Yeah not to my knowledge. Once you make a revolve you can’t adjust it, you just have to use the undo button.

I’ve gotten used to it by now, but I know it can be a hassle

Also tip: You can undo/redo stuff by swiping with three fingers

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