More effort on User Education - INPUT NEEDED

Hi Shapers,

we are planning on launching a quick tips video series in the next few weeks. Our in-house engineer and I will be creating short videos and articles about the most asked questions here on our forum, and on our support channels. If you have a

  • a workflow related problem
  • a model you could never really crack
  • a data translation question (e.g. How to move files from Shapr to Solidworks)

or any other interesting topic in mind, let us know and we will be happy to create some content addressing it :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel
Just posted this

I’m really stuck on how to crack this one. Any helps would be much appreciated

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Hi Marcus - that’s a great challenge - on the list now :slight_smile:

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There’s an array of videos by multiple cad programs available to watch on YouTube doodling a spoon … I doodled lots of spoons mega moons ago using Solidworks and I assure you my first attempts were not so favorable especially if you advance into the more complex spoons … You’re on the right path from what I’ve seen of your approach. As far as doodling a spoon in Shapr3D, I haven’t attempted that as yet … Doodling a spoon is an excellent exercise and not so easily achieved as it looks, at least for me it wasn’t so easy…:sunglasses:

My first funky looking wooden soup spoon concept in Shapr3D … Extrude, subtract, mirror and union … render is even funky looking … :joy::joy::joy:

I have no doubt, yours will be much better Marcus!!! :sunglasses:

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I would like to see a series of videos that shows how Shapr3D can be applied to developing a line of wall cabinets or built-ins. Most of what I see is aimed at engineering or more organic product design. Showing how Shapr3D can model up a cabinet with all the parts joined the way they might be in a shop would be something I think might open up a whole new market for you. The forums seem to be full of people that have requested this info but I have yet to see anyone able to actually point to a reference that addresses the way a cabinet maker might design a project.

I was directed to a few webinars which have some pretty good info.

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