AAARRR creating a spoon

I’ve been using shapr for about six months and have had some really great results, but this one has really got me! I need to create a spoon. I have tried lofting, extrusion, intersect etc etc but can’t get what I’m after. There are 3 main curves…The non regular top view oval, the curve left to right of the belly and the curve front to back of the belly. I’ve been trying to sort this on and off for a week or so…I think I must be missing something obvious. Any thoughts on how I might sort this?

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I may not be seeing the problem your Design looks fine, just a case of adjusting some curves and possibly positions to get what you want?
Looks like using your Sketch shapes for Lofting should work.
This a quick mock up using just Elipses:

Create the Handle, Subtract the Spoon ‘bowl’ and then Union.

I’m getting close but still having problems with the very last loft before shell. Whatever I do I can’t get it to round off smoothly…

Love the superb render.

From your first post you showed a set of horizontal Loft shapes.
Have you tested the horizontal alternative?
By cutting below or above the horizontal centre line you could banish the annoying little ‘ripple’ effect of the last vertical loft. That is not to say that the last Loft horizontally will behave differently but any blemish there may be masked by the junction with the handle?

Just an idea, try to make body like an egg ( it’s a natural design😎) , with tangent circles , splines and revolve tool.
After it you can cut it where you want with subtract, then make shell.


Gelphyn, yes I have tested the horizontal and may go back to that - blending with the handle will I think be sorted, but I’ll still have the other ‘eating’ rounded end to resolve. I might have to try a loft of the whole spoon bowl and handle in one

Thanks JST
Yes that’s where I started, but the top view oval is different to the side view oval

If you cut the body paralell with the mid plane, the side wiew will different from the top wiew.
As i think…

Sounds good Lofting right through, can’t wait to see the result.

I will take this opportunity to explain my interest in this subject.
It is simply to use S3D in ways that I have not experienced before.

Adjusting the front end is the tricky part.
I’m not 100% sure of what you want, but think it is a blunter or stubbier front end with evenly matching curves each side?

I have tried a few different approaches involving portions of the Bodies created, a mixture of Vertical and Horizontal Lofts, Ovoid Rotations and Horizontal Lofts and single Spline Rotations.
All have drawbacks or ‘unexplained’ flaws, well the replication of the ‘first time’ successful Spline attempt.

The following will hopefully help explain some the above attempts:

When replicating this from the attached .shapr File the outer Shell loses its’ smoothness, this may be due to the amount [too little or too much] that was removed by Subtraction:

Spoon from Spline Body.shapr (216 KB)

However it is ‘ripple’ free, and by manipulation of the Spline Curve should deliver the result you desire.
NB. The Spline Body was ‘cut in half’ lengthwise and at this point refused to accept the Shell process [Operation failed, invalid result body.]. After removing a further portion the Shell process became effective. I will send this in for investigation.

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Here is my fast egg :upside_down_face:
May be if the bottom rounded will looks better

The first pictures are the second version…

OK, think I have sorted it now.


Fantastic result, very well done :sunglasses::+1:
Really lovely render.

Was the Spoon ‘bowl’ Spline or Loft based?

The bowl was revolved using the the same profile as the top view of the bowl, enlarged and then subtracted from the base shape

Thanks for the update. My request is the basis of how the the top view was constructed.

Sorry, I misunderstood. It was created with one circle and one oval with splits intersecting. Hope that helps

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Impressive work!



Hello, first of all, I am Chinese and my English is not very good,

I am also facing issues related to my experience in making spoons now

May I ask if it is possible to provide this original document

My reference for drawing methods

Thank you.

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Hi Jia
Here’s the file for the spoon
Proper spoon copy.shapr (585.8 KB)
Proper spoon copy.shapr (585.8 KB)

Thank you!