More features for Pens

Hello Sharp3d team, thank you so much for releasing a windows version.

So I wanted to ask you to add more features for pens, more specifically Microsoft pens, since the pen has a side button and a back button (eraser button), I believe it would be awesome to change their functions because currently, they have a similar function.

Thank you again!
Please stay safe everybody!

What features would you like to see assigned to the buttons?

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I am not sure but something like:
assign trim or delete function to eraser button
Move objects when we hold the side button …

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While you are at it, it would be great to be able to use the side tap feature of the Apple Pencil. I find it to be really handy and reliable in other applications.

Ideally, it would be nice to let the user assign any command of their choice to match their preferred work flow. But if that is not practical, then it would be useful to be able to select from a list such as:

Show/Hide the folder menu
Reset the 3D view
Center the 2D view
Show/Hide hidden lines
Toggle Snap on/off

Speaking of the folder menu, I think it would be really useful to have the option to have it condensed (except when the full width is needed for manipulating folders or changing names). Perhaps just a very narrow window at the side of the screen with the first 2 or 3 characters of the folder name showing. Then a quick touch could toggle folder visibility and maybe a long touch could be used to select the folder grouping.

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Hello Shapr3D Team,
I think it would be great if you could allow the pen and mouse to be used at the same time on Windows version. I use the Cintiq pro screen - pen only version, and it is limiting because I have to choose a mouse or a pen. If I choose a mouse, I have to use it for drawing as well. If I select a pen, I cannot use the zoom in / zoom out function, because this screen version works only with pen and not with fingers as well. Hope to see this upgrade soon.

Absolutely – we are working with Wacom right now to make sure we deliver the best experience on these devices as well.

As you get through the onboarding tutorial you should be able to use the mouse and the pen simultaneously – is that not the case for you? There are some things that we change based on the last input device that you used, so a few things might be wonky right now, but general view navigation with the mouse and sketching should work at the same time. Your mileage might vary depending on the Wacom driver settings – try changing it to Windows Ink to make sure we detect it as a pen and not as a mouse.

Which pen do you use with your Cintiq Pro? Also, do you also use the ExpressKey Remote?


Thanks for you reply Peter! I’m using Wacom pen and ExpressKey Remote, but I haven’t be able to test all the fetures yet, since I have downloaded the windows version only yesterday. Actually I will mainly use Shapr3D on mac, but I’m using time to test the features on windows beta while waiting for mac. I’ll follow your advice and come back to you at least to confirm it works fine.