Motion dependancies (hierarchical: parent,child)

How are relationships between two or more objects established and defined? How is a hierarchy created for these relationships, so that compound systems of linked objects move in a logical, user-defined manner? To use human anatomy as an example, the main trunk of the body would be defined as Parent, while each extremity such as limbs and head, would be defined as Child to that Parent, and would move if it moved, in a relative position as to maintain its connection point to the Parent. Each limb would be a Parent to its Child segments, and so on.
Is there a provision for such a feature set in Shapr3D?
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Here are some threads:

This has to do primarily with animating a design. How the parts of a system maintain their relative position over a timeline. Does this functionality exist within Shapr?

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We don’t have dynamic constraints at the moment. You can align parts together, but if one of them is moved away, the others will not follow.

Is it on the roadmap? When you say ’ at the moment’, does that mean its not a priority at all? This would be very useful to me, I’ve requested it a few times over the, well, years now…

Hey @jb7,
I cannot tell you any exact dates or details except that we are already working on the topic.

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