Mouse wheel doesn't Zoom in/out in Shapr3D on Windows 11


I’m using a Shpr3D application on Windows 11 HP laptop. I’m using it in a combination with Logitech MX Ergo trackball. I tried also several other Logitech and other brand mice. The problem is always the same. Scroll wheel on the mouse doesn’t Zoom in/out on the Shapr3D workspace. I tried several Navigation presets… Otherwise srolling works just fine in other Windows applications even on Fusion 360 and FreeCAD, Inkscape… where it has a similar functionality asi it should have in Shapr3D.

I’m specially interested if someone is using a similar combination (Windows 11, Shapr3D, Logitech mouse) and Zoom in/out works for him.

Thank You.

Thanks for reporting the problem. We’ll look into this.

Thank You @Istvan for responding.

Meanwhile I managed to find the reason for mouse wheel not to behave like it should. There is a setting in Windows 11 mouse settings, called “Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them”. Apparently, this setting has to be On, so that Zoom in/out functions in Shapr3D. In my case, the setting was Off, and zooming didn’t work. As soon as I turned it on, int started to work.

Thank You. I hope this topic can help someone else, who faces the same problem.


Great to hear that, thanks for sharing the solution!

Well, I have the same problem but with Windows 10 and there is no setting in the mouse app similar to what was described for W11. Basically this makes the Shapr3d app worthless! So is this a bug or please advise how to fix. Thx

Hi, can you please check if the issue still persists on the latest, 5.200 version of Shapr3D?

The setting for the Win 10 is in “Settings > Devices > Mouse > Scroll inactive windows when I hiver over them”

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Thank you KPeter + Maya!
Maya, yes, that did the trick! I was originally looking for that setting in “Mouse Properties”. Got to love Windows for having two mouse dialogs with different settings in each!
FYI, if anyone needs to reverse the zoom direction but doesn’t want to change it in Windows (I use two CAD apps that zoom opposite and that don’t have reverse settings) here is a great app that will change it per application:
“X-Mouse Button Control”.

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I’m a newbie here, in my first tutorial, and had the same issue in Windows 10. The fix was easy and worked but the feature has to be turned on only when using Sharp3D, then turned back off. If you leave it on then every other application with a list long enough to have a scroll bar starts scrolling when you mouse over the list for any reason. Might be a future fix to consider (for this amazing product).