Mouse wheel for zoom that doesn't zoom

Good morning, I can’t zoom with the mouse, the wheel doesn’t work, can you tell me how to solve it?

Thank you.

ok risolto

I have the same problem intermittently. Zoom in/out will work fine, but from time to time, just stops working. Everything else works fine, just no zoom. Sometimes it comes back in 15-20 seconds, sometimes it won’t for several minutes. Once it stops working, sometimes I will use “zoom to selection” or creative panning to get the job done and when I try to zoom again later it works. Sometimes it is frustrating to the point that I restart Shapr3D and it always works after a restart of the program. I have tried just closing the the specific drawing and reopening it, but that has yet to cause it to start working again. At that point I restart and it works. This is not a case of it being in “working on stuff” mode with the screen grayed out. Like I said, everything else will be working, but not the zoom. This has been happening sporadically since I first started using Shapr 2-3 months ago.

I’ve installed the updates as I see them come available and am currently on “Version 5.460.0 (5746)” on MacOS 13.4

Overall, I really like Shapr3D and have noticed greater stability with every update that I install :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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it’s not just the mouse, i have the same issue with the trackpad and i reported this already. my workaround is to click on the orientation cube a few times and it’s gonna work in a couple of seconds.

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Hi! I see you mentioned macOS. Could it be the same problem as this (macOS Accessibility Zoom)?

hi Levente! i don’t know who you asked (probably not me :sweat_smile:) but in my case it’s definitely not the accessibility zoom. i use trackpad most of the time and every 2-3 hours swiping (two-finger swipe or shift + two-finger swipe) stops working but only in the modeling space. i can still scroll the list of layers or the history in beta but in the modeling space i cannot move or orbit. i can even switch apps and come back without fixing this issue. the only solution i found is to click on the navigation cube 2-3 times and everything returns to normal. for another 2-3 hours.

it happens in stable and in beta as well.

few days ago i was able to record this, here is my loom: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank you for the suggestion @gex, I will try that next time it happens.

@Levente_Shapr3D It is def not related to accessibility zoom at the OS level. I often have my 3d-slicer (which also has zoom via middle-mouse button scroll) while I’m in Shaper and sometimes switch to that real quick to sanity test it. Scroll to zoom works fine there, but I’ll switch back to Shapr and the problem will still be there

If you experience this issue with a trackpad, than it’s most likely a macOS bug, that’s not related to Shapr3D. Very annoying, I used to run into it frequently, recently it got better with the latest macOS update. Here is how you can fix it:

@Istvan my issue is not the zooming (pinch) but the moving and orbiting in the modeling space (two-finger swipe and shift + two-finger swipe) and it’s very likely that it’s a bug in Shapr3D because nothing else is affected. on top of that it’s not the whole app, only the modeling space because as i mentioned in my comment you can still scroll (same two-finger swipe) the layers list or the history in beta. frozen state persists until i click on the navigation cube, it can be 2-3 seconds or a minute, it always ends when i click on the navigation cube.

please check my loom above.

edit: another hint that it’s a Shapr3D bug is that in the frozen state you cannot rotate the navigation cube, that’s also frozen. and when it unfreezes it jumps to a completely different view like the app recorded every movement i wanted to make but it couldn’t render it.

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