Move one of two elements to become its own item

If I have two elements which are in the same “Item” box in the menu.

How do I move one of these two elements so it become its own “Item”?

Do you mean the two items are in a folder? If so, you can simply hold the pen tip on either or both items and drag them left out of the folder to the parent list.


I made an extruded circle and then I added a tower on top of the circle.

Then I could not move the tower without also moving the circle.

They become one unit…

is there a way to split them?


If you accidentally merged them together while extruding, you can split them with the Split Body tool. Please don’t forget that there is a Boolean Badge when your extrusion interacts with existing bodies, there you can set if you wish to merge them together or keep the extrusion as a new body.

Please see the video below, the first part is about the Split Body, and the second is about the Boolean Badge: