Moving feature

I am trying to figure out how to relocate the slot in this model. Is there a way to grab and move it or do I have to move the sketch and extrude cut again? I tried to select the faces and move but it gives an error. Thanks!

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From the looks of your example, you should be able to move 1 internal face at a time. Just select the inside face ONLY, and move (you are actually “offsetting”) to the desired location. Then select the opposite face and move the same amount (assuming you want to keep the same size). If you try to select two opposing faces they will move (offset) in opposing directions and change the size of the hole.

Hard to tell from the picture, but it appears as if you ALSO have at least one of fillet boundary lines selected — which confuses/cancels the offset command. Notice that the “Rotate Around Axis” has been automatically selected because S3D thinks you selected a plane, and then an axis (the line).

BTW, the offset command always move perpendicular to the selected face, so depending on where you want to move, it may require multiple “offsets” in different directions, so just moving the original sketch and re-creating might still be quicker.

Hi there,

You can move the slot around. First, select all entities connected to the slot (4 inner surfaces + chamfered surfaces) and use the Move/Rotate tool.


Interesting, I can get “move” to work for chamfered surfaces, but with fillets, I always seem to get an “Invalid body error”. Perhaps because the geometry is quite a bit more complex.

Works with fillets too, however it can be problematic if the geometry is tricky.

Cool, I suspect that the reason I couldn’t get it to work was because I also placed fillets on the 4 interior corners of the hole, thus making 8 selectable fillet objects on each side of the hole, plus 8 internal selections — perhaps more than S3D can handle. Hard to tell from the original post, but it seemed to me that was what he had done.

In any event, now I’m curious. Gonna play around some more. Love learning new stuff. Thanks for helping out.

Yep, it will work with either the 4 interior edge fillets, or the four outer edge fillets, but not the whole feature with both inner and outer.

I do something similar often. Here I have a counterbore with fillet, and a chamfered hole, then copy the whole feature and rotate it in an array (think spoke holes in a motorcycle hub), so I don’t have to counterbore and chamfer each one.

It saves a ton of time. :+1:t2: