Moving to same plane

I’m trying to get two items flat on the same plane. This should be something simple but I can’t find anything that explains this. The items are just off the tiniest of bits but the current movement options simply do not allow moving this in small steps.

Hi @DragonDon , have you tried the Align tool?

The align tool only flips them to opposite sides of each other. I want the, both flat so I can use intersect.

There is a switch that you can use to flip the orientation.

Thanks. That did it but it highlights one of the biggest issues with the interface. If you are zoomed in, you don’t see that control, so you don’t know to use it.

Same for movement. If I need to nudge something 0.055, I have to zoom in to c(eco distance, then I’m out to find the controls to use. Seems it would be better if the controls stayed on the screen all the time.

Thanks again though.

That might be the bug, zoom level should not impact the visibility of the badge. Can you show an example?

I see, thanks for sharing. We’ll look into this.

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