Solved - Align everything on the same "base" plane (Sorry I don't know the wording)

We have a design, picture a bunch of shapes sitting on a table. We want all the objects to be sitting FLAT on the table (so that none are proud (hovering above the table)… and we want none of them too low (where they would be sitting “through” the table… we want them all exactly ON the table.

Is there an easy way to do that?


Hi Pete, if you tap on the bottom surface of the objects and also tap on the top surface of the table, the vertical distance between them is displayed at the bottom of the workspace.

  • Double tap on the object to select it
  • Tap on the arrow towards the direction of the top of the table
  • Then input the displayed vertical distance dimension into the Numpad to have the object sit on the table as shown below:

Ok! I’ll report back if it solves it! :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

Translate tool would also work

I’ll also report back once he’s done with class and can try these… all I know is, this thing has to get to the CNC shop, and he’s behind!

Hi Pete, we have just released the new 3d alignment tool feature with the 3.52 app version :partying_face:
This will allow you to simply tap on the body faces to get them snapped together.

Simply update the app and here are more details about the feature:

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