Multi-Select Faces

I am working from my iPad. I have 100 Hexagons that I want to extrude onto a flat body that is 10mm thick. Essentially, I need 100 Hexagonal holes in the 10mm flat body.

The 100 hexagons are 30mm above the flat body and I need to select the bottom face of the hexagons to extrude and create the holes needed in the flat body.

Is there a may to mass-select the bottom face of the 100 hexagons at once, then perform the extrusion?

Use Area Selection.

Does this help?

This is exactly what I was trying to do, but I discovered 2 problems.

  1. You have to be sure that you are dragging your selection window across all of your bodies…you can’t select half of a body because it attempts to select the sides as a face. Must be a bug of sorts.

  2. I was using the number “100” as a representation…I actually have 4000 of these, and when I attempt to do the Extrusion action…iPad crashes.

Thank you so much for the illustrations…very helpful.

If you select from right to left, it will select everything it touches. See the Shapr3D manual here.