Can’t select multiple faces

I’m trying to select multiple faces of letters In order to extrude them so I can them indent my model with the text using the intersect tool.
Every time I try to select more than 2 faces it deselects what I’ve already selected. Sometimes it won’t even let me select faces.

Here is a video of my issue

When selecting faces or sketch profiles, you only need a single tap. Double tap is for selecting whole bodies.

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I tried that but it only works double tapping, when I single tap it selects 1/5 times. It’s only trying to extrude the text that I have the issue

Do you have single or double tapping issues with other apps?
Could it be your Apple Pencil? Maybe change to a new tip? Just offering other thoughts here.

Area selection might help, as you can filter it down to faces. If you have a lot of sketches on one plane, it can be taxing on the performance side, and because of it, registering taps might be slow.