When I have 100 holes to extrude, can I select them all at once?


Like the bellow image, I have many small holes to extrude from the body, if I don’t want click them one by one, is there any better method?


One way to do it is to hide the body, then area select all the sketch fillings in 3D mode, and select “Faces” in the area selection filter. Then unhide the body and extrude the selected sketch fillings.

Thanks @Laci_Shapr3D,

I thought this way should work, but after I select all, it just select all the circles, with no ‘extrude’ option.
What do I miss?

Select all in 3d mode

Use the area selection filter on the side of the screen while you are still dragging the area, to select faces only, that will select the sketch fillings. :slight_smile:

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Hi I fixed it! Thanks!

I noticed hints of filters apears on the top during my selection(before I release mouse), the selection switch works by pressing ‘TAB’ key.

do you mean this?

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That is right. And on the iPad you switch on the side of the screen while dragging. On MacOS it is at the top like you see there.

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@Laci_Shapr3D. Thanks for that tip. Wish I’d know that when I had hundreds of mesh holes to do a while back :grinning:

Here’s an example of the process on iPad.