Multiple perpendicular icon shows up

Hi guys I’m totally new to this CAD thing, just downloaded this and figuring things out by following the tutorial. But one thing seems very odd is that there are so many perpendicular icon showing In the shape I draw, which does not happen in the tutorial video. Any tips? Thanks in advance

Hi @Edwardkoo Welcome to the Forum

This effect is being seen because you have the Constraints set to do so.
Constraints is the side Menu [on the right in this case].
If you do not want these to show up Switch Off Show Constraints

Happy S3Ding.

Hi Gelphyn,

thanks for responding! but please refer to the screenshot below for better understanding of my issues:

screenshot at the left was captured from a webinar which I followed step by step but somehow the constraints on the left was not as much as on the right (my own screen) and the graph was in blue (on the left) while mine was not? I hope you understand my explanation.

Is there a way to force a connection between 2 lines or shaped
I spent 3 hrs on a flight today and spent most of it trying to connect a circle in one plain to a spline on another without success

Jay Emery

You cannot Sketch in space, there has to be an active Plane to accept the input.

It is a good idea to have a marker to guide the start of the Spline, in this case it was the edge of the Circle:

Thanks for your input
No matter how I tried I could not get it to connect to the circle
Which is why I was hoping you could ”marry ” the two

Jay Emery

If your need is for the Spline to attach to the Circle in a different manner, or ‘marry’ them differently, please give more information
I think it is important to understand why you could not make a connection.
Did you create and activate the second Plane?

If you want a Spline, started on one Plane, to jump ship and continue on another Plane it is a non-starter.

Sorry I did not understand properly, and have withdrawn my first response to your Post:

I wrongly assumed that you took part in the Webinar using your own Hardware.
Can you give any more information regarding the capture of the Webinar ScreenShot? It may help to explain the Light Blue shading of the Closed Shape and the small number of Icons showing.
Normally, direct from the S3D, Closed Shapes show the same as other Sketches when viewed square on, if the view is altered as it moves into a 3D view the Light Blue shading becomes visible.
Also, given that the Switches for Auto-Constraint and Show Constraints are Switched On it would be expected that a similar number of Icons would be visible to those in the view on your own screen.

On your own screen, please alter the view to check that the Closed Shape displays Light Blue. Please Switch Off the Show Constraints Switch, if all the Icons vanish and the Closed Shape did show Light Blue then there is nothing to be concerned about. You can then reset to meet your preferences.

I’ll upload the pic. A bit later And hopefully you guys can help from there

Jay Emery

Currently we only snap to curves that are on the same plane. Gelphyn’s solution works, because the two planes share the same center (the origin), and both the spline and the circle snap to the grid points at the same distance.

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Istvan’s comment is correct.
However this ScreenShot shows a ‘marker’, serving as a contact point can be. used for a similar purpose as the Edge of the Circle.

By moving the Construction Plane, and creating an appropriate Vertical Line, the functionality remains similar:

Circle+SplineOnDiffPlanes.shapr (244 KB)