My Bronica ETRSi

I have been modeling my beloved camera, a Bronica ETRSi for the Visualization update and to celebrate Shapr3D’s 6th Birthday a while ago :tada:

This model took me about 30 hours to make since every part of it is copied with 0,1mm precision. :straight_ruler:

I am constantly lurking around on forums watching your creations, keep up the good work! :seedling:



That is next level precision :star_struck:

Lovely job, looks great. I’m guessing that 30 hours didn’t include the inside…

No, it is only including the outside of the camera

Very nice model, it would deserve a better render!

:star_struck: Really nice and accurate modeling, thanks for sharing. The side to side views of the real object and the model are interesting also.

Absolutely incredible.
How did you accomplish all of the lens increments? Was it all individual projections?


Stunning. It just pops off the page. I do not agree it needs a better render, I think it showcases perfectly the strength of a great visualization tool. I especially feel challenged and inspired to put characters on a curved surface now. Plus I totally get the love for the camera.


I was going to send in my design for the Anything Retro competition. But then I saw this :stuck_out_tongue: I might have to wait for the next one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only just seen this thread now. Really stunning work Sebestyen. I had one of those cameras in the early 1980s and eventually traded it for a Hasselblad 500CM.

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I’d like to appeal to you for a knurling tutorial. You seem to have mastered that. Nice job! Excellent work.

After 4 months, Visualization got better and better, here are some new shots of the same model, from the same angles.

I cannot wait to see how Visualization will look like later on, it progresses so fast!