Need a master 🤣

Hello everyone !
I would like to create this kind of cutters. With a « fat »side and a cutting side. Im on it since yesterday and I can’t find a good way to do this.
If someone could help me it would be so nice.

For now I created this kind of cutters, it’s nice but the first one is more solid.

And sorry for my English :sweat_smile:

Hi there! You’d like to make a design closer to the dark blue one or more like the light blue one? Or something in between?

Like the dark blue one.

Are you looking to make it like a cookie cutter? Like this?

Yes exactly but more like this :

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You could use extrude with angel
Or chamfer
Many approaches

Well, TigerMike already provided a nice clean solution. :slight_smile:
I’m posting a proposal anyway, you might find it useful:

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Here’s another method using Sweep.


Thank you so much ! There is still some tools that I don’t understand and use properly.
I’ll have to work.

In Shapr, you must think outside the box, grasshopper.

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hey mike I need some help if you don’t mind, im tryin my hardest to figure out how to fill in a file that I have imported, please and thank you