Extrusion profile cutting, rotating, reattaching, filling gap

Hallo Shapr community,
I am looking for an efficient way to cut part of an extrusion profile off, rotate this piece around the cuted edge in a certain angle (30deg.), reattache it and then fill the gap.
The screenshot shows what I want to do, except I don’t want to create the little extra part, which is in front and just for illustration purposes, instead I want to cut the whole profile along this way, rotate and reattach.
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Hi Ralf - I’m not sure I understand the problem. Would you circle, distinguish the different parts you are talking about. This would help me solve the problem :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,
thanks for your quick reply.

I want to cut the part of the profile with the blue front side. It should be cut off along the blue line. I marked the cut with the drawn red line. The profile is one body.
Then I want to rotate the cut of part by 30deg., then reattach this part back to the profile, except with a different angle and fill the gap that was created in the process, so that I have one profile again.


Hi Ralf - Okay, thanks. Now I get it.

What you should do is:

  1. Rotate the part around a pivot point. Go To Freeform, tap on Transformation Center, then select a point on the axis as your pivot point. Rotate your body!

  2. Now you have multiple options, you can either Revolve or Loft. Both are available in the Tools menu, they are almost the same, there is a slight difference in the final outcome: curved vs. chamfered edge

2.a Loft

Go to Loft and select the two face you want to connect. If you like the results tap on Done

2.b Revolve

Go to Revolve. Select one of the faces Rotate, tap on the arrow and the select the edge your two bodies share (the same as you put the Pivot Point on) and type in the Angle (The same as you previously rotated with in step 1)

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,
thanks a lot for the step by step explanation! I think I got the whole process, except the very first step, which comes before you start. How do I cut that part off along the blue axis? It is one body rightnow. (I am very new to shapr 3D.)

Oh, I see. This is an extruded body right?

If it is, please extrude it again, but this time separately. Would you be able to do it?

If not, I’d refer you to this video, which shows you how to cut things apart. A brute force solution, but should do the job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrxeAB6skeA

Yes, it is an extruded body and since their are already holes cut in that body and other work done, if I extruded it again all the work has to be redone. Additionaly I have to cut and rotate a few more parts of the profile (body) and do this to multiple profiles.

The video I cant open, it ask me to create a youtube account.

Sorry, wrong link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrxeAB6skeA

This should work.

You could create a thin wall and place between, then use the subtract tool


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Thanks for the help.