Need help creating these surfaces

I’ve recently started using shapr and love it a lot. With almost no experience in CAD I am learning new tricks every day and was able to model a few household items to fix things, however recently started working on a vase and there are two surfaces I can’t create nor find any mentions online.

The surface 1 (left) is this one which I have zero clue how to approach

The surface 2 is low-poly style sides. I assume I can model the round vase and then use any rectangle and subtract each edge manually, but is there a better way?

Will appreciate any advices :slight_smile:

Hi, after you create the vase
Insert a construction plane

  • Sketch the checked box pattern or the pattern you want on the vase
  • Project the pattern on the vase using the project tool
  • Extrude the project sketch to get the design you want on the vase

Here’s our short great video on the project tool:

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@Victor_Shapr3D Hey Victor! Thanks for getting back.

I’ve spent the evening playing with project, but don’t think it is possible as when I project my pattern onto the vase pattern starts to skew where it rotates. Here is what I mean:

So I am not getting that geometric pattern. I’ve tried sketching the pattern on the projection of the vase to planar and then projecting it back from 4 angles (90-90-90-90) however there are still same artifacts on the corners.

Is there another way to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
@Drew made a video he posted on YouTube where he used a different approach of directly creating the pattern on the vase.
You could check it out to see if it works better:


Honored by the mention @Victor_Shapr3D :v:

@iamniks If you need help I can make a video in my spare time :man_shrugging: Although the second one as you said is pretty simple but tedious. The first one is laborious as well but mostly just repetitive stuff.


Thanks for that video, with this approach I definitely can do it!

@Drew amazing video, let me try first, I think you covered it pretty detailed for the first one:) It was mostly a logic exercise which I definitely failed :joy: