Need help drawing curved handrails for stairs

I do metal fabrication and mostly ornamental iron railings. I am having trouble learning how to draw complex railing designs. Shapr3d has proven very useful in designing both straight stair rails and curved flat rails, but I can’t figure out how to combine the curve drawn from top view, to the pitch and length of railing in side view.
For example, imagine front steps to a home with curved handrail on each side. The steps are not curved, but the outside edge is.

The rail will match the pitch of steps, and lateral curvature of sides.

I’ve been trying to create a plane on the pitch and then draw the curve. I think I’m having trouble getting points to connect on different planes. I may result to drawing the entire set of steps to build off of, rather than using basic measurements that I use in shop to build this.

I can draw and build this on my table in the shop, but believe being able to draw them with shapr3d and then make a blueprint, will make the process more efficient. That is if I can get familiar with the process.

Here are two attempts where I got stuck.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Clue: Project a curved line to a curved body. That’s one way.

Also you can move one end of the body to raise it up. The revolve tool also works.

Here I’ve illustrated what @Oregonerd stated in his last reply. Use a partial Revolve and then move one end up or down.


That revolve method worked well. I made the top and bottom rail, and a post.
What method would be best for laying out posts and pickets in a curved stair rail?
I’m gonna try laying it out on a sketch of the curve. Then extrude, revolve, and raise everything to its height.

Have a look a these…