Extrudes in different planes

Hey guys,

I got an handrail to make for those funky stairs, and figured that shapr3d would help me once again with all the angles and drops but it’s tricky. All my line are connected but I can’t select the face in blue. The rises have been tricky already since I had to create new planes to connect the stairs together at the noses. Maybe I didn’t approach the design correctly and should instead creates blocks that I rotate and connect after??? Let me know if you have a solution. Also I will have to take the stairs as base to draw my handrail after and I feel like it will be an issue.

Sorry about that. What is the best way to share a file here?

Planting a seed here. Not sure what sort of ‘funky’ stairs you want to make. Here is a method of making one stair step then copy-move-rotate, copy-move-rotate, etc, etc. This way you do not need to make a lot of sketches.


Here’s my observation. The rectangles are not connected (and closed) which is why you don’t see them tinted blue. It’s my guess that the right hand risers of each rectangle are part of the stair step sketch. If so, hide that sketch and see if the rectangles are closed.

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@Nico, here’s an example of sketches when put on different planes. Note when I rotate the small rectangle sketch, the right hand vertical line now belongs to the rotated sketch and is no longer part of the stair step sketch. Hence, the stair step is no longer a closed sketch.


Can you make stair step sketch closed again by drawing/replacing the vertical line?

Yes. Essentially there are two vertical lines that share the same space, so to speak. One is for the rotated small rectangle and the other is now part of the stair step.


Thank you. Appreciate.

That was it. Once again you saved me thank you. I’ll drop the render when I’m done today.

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