Need Help...Which Demo to use?

I posted a while back, I bought Shapr3D over a year ago my son and I, my son learned the program and now has Cancer and it’s hard for him to help me anymore, he designed a few things for us and they are great and I was impressed with the program, but never learned it as i was busy with the business.

Now I have to take it up and re purchased it again, and I have his files thank the lord, I can modify what i need to when i learn the program, but I need to learn so where do I start? I waited for the mac version, I do have the iPad but i am at my iMac everyday most hours in the mornings it’s best i figured for me for now.

I figured i just wanted to make a simple Vacuum cleaner type adapter to fit a 2.5" hose and fit a 1.3" opening on the other end… for 3D Printers, I’m sure I can modify it later was far as dimensions go.

But I need a demo or a place to start that has to do with what I want to do with it, I’m older person in my early 60’s be patient with me lol…

thank you

Don’t know if you can visit the official tutorials in local web site, [] I’m learning in this way. Hope to help you!

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Sorry to hear about your son, stay strong!

For tutorials, I would point to our youtube channel, it has quite a ot (300+) videos. You will find everything from the basics to quite complex ones:


looks like it’s all in Chinese? is there a way to change it to english?


Click the three vertical dots toward the upper right of the YouTube window. That’s the settings menu, which will allow you to change the language.


his was a private website Shapr3D的个人空间_哔哩哔哩_Bilibili

Use the YouTube link that @Laci_Shapr3D provided.