Need help with sketching accurately

Having a couple problems modeling a diamond. I can’t get the sketch to snap to the 3D object. It’s just not accurate enough, and the facets are all a little skewed. Then when I try to subtract out these facets using rotate and copy, I have to do each one individually. There’s no way to repeat the copy x times when you rotate that I can find. Help please!

Here are photos of what I’m doing. Also is there a way to create a torus shaped body without revolve that has splines and you can re-shape it easily?

Hi, I do not completely understand how you are trying to subtract the facets using rotate and copy. A screen recording will help me better understand.

A way to copy-paste equally spaced objects can be to note the angle between the first duplicate copy and the original object. You can make one more copy using the same angle.

Then select the three objects, tap on the copy badge

Rotate the three objects at an angle = (multiply of the original angle by 3 since you want to make a copy of 3 additional objects)

Here’s a short video tutorial on making multiple copies of an object:

You can create a torus-shaped by revolving circle using a line as the revolve axis. You can modify the height of the resulting body but it can not be easily reshaped.

Posted a video on FB it’s too big to post here. It’s the accuracy issue that keeps me from just selecting it then using move rotate and moving the axis. The axis won’t snap to anything. I can only get accuracy with the line I drew, then using transform, rotate. I also have wonky facets because I can’t snap my drawing to points on the body that they need to exactly fit, or there are little tiny .0001 gaps and it makes the whole thing invalid for some functions.

Hi, I just watched the video on Facebook and I now see what you mean.To help you accurately trace on the construction plane, double-tap on it to put the grid on the plane and also bring the plane into 2d view perspective. This way it’s easier to accurately make your sketch.

Instead of copying the bodies one by one and making a 45 degree copy rotation, select three of the bodies and then input 135 degrees as the rotation angle.

is there an option for circular/square patterns in the works, where we can draw one part of a sketch (or make an object) and then have the number of them we define placed around a central point at a given distance from the center point? Fusion 360 has a tool for this in the sketch mode for both rectangular and circular patterns, and will automatically generate holes at an even spacing along a circular path (useful for making flanges that bolt together, etc). I think it also works with actual objects, so the problem that Ebethscott is having is also covered using this method.

There has been a couple of prototypes, but haven’t developed the full blown tool yet. We are rapidly expanding the dev team this year, and try to squeeze in many of our earlier promises :slight_smile:


Been running into this trouble too, I am used to solidworks easy to use circular patterns etc… Shapr3D 3D is an amazing idea but it is frustrating at times because of the dichotomy of “ is it my fault or is just shapr not able to do this “