Can a a number of lines be revolved in a sketch?

I made a sketch on a plane of a body. I have drawn a cirkel and want to copy it in a cirkel a number of times on a specific angle. A kind of revolving the sketch around a line. In this way I can extrude them all together on the base body. It didn’t work. So I extruded one on that body, selected the planes I wanted to copy, and tried to revolve them on that body. No succes. So, at last I extruded it as a new body, revolved and copied that one and united them all together with the base body. So, question is: Is it possible to revolve a sketch?

Hi @HermanS, I am not sure I get your idea, but I think you are looking for a circular array of sketches. If so, please take a look at the video below:

With the help of the Move/Rotate tool, you can move or copy the selected elements even if they are solid bodies or sketches.

If Kpeter’s video didn’t help, a screenshot of where it failed might give us an idea what you are trying to do.