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It’s look better just use the app in iOS environment instead initiate innovation. All my visualize effects lost. In attach glance before and brutal after update with the same material and background. Someone even edit this post on the run, probably citizens of the Apple City or Artificial Intelligence. It’s time to return to objective reality.

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Can you please explain what the problem is? We haven’t made any changes to the materials or environments.

No problem. You haven’t, system have. You can see difference on the pictures with the same settings before and after iOS16.5 update. I can’t explain more than too much system operating protocols interactions and conflicts to be higher in hierarchy to core makes screen image. Almost daily updates of “main” apps observed on iPhone, and I think iPad will soon. Pay attention on Linux to strengthen creativity.

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The difference between the two pictures is due to the different angle from which you are looking at the objects. Reflections depend on the viewpoint.

Yes. Perfect. You are almost right, because it’s not about the angle of view, everything is ok in this case, reflections the same. I did not take into account that the object is flipped upside down. Thank you. =]

Pay attention to my previous post about the natural environment please!