New Branding Concept

I’ve been considering re-branding my website with a new logo and wordmark. Thought I’d try out the new design on a pair of shades - all made in Shapr3d, rendered in Keyshot 9 and then finessed in PS2020


Nice work! Thanks for sharing…



Final Design


Nice! Curious how one would pronounce, if it is some thing to be pronounced? Or would one just say the letters, e.g. DKNY.



Thanks for your interest Tommy.

To answer your question, my first name is Drake. I wanted the domain name but it was taken, so I chose as the next closest option. So while the literal character is a V, it’s suppose to be read as an upside down A. Now I’ve just ran with it and built my design logo around the V triangle shape within the wordmark of my name. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome. :clap:

Try Increasing it’s size by 15 or 20% for emphasis/ focus point?