New Hardware

I received some new hardware today that I had recently ordered from Amazon.
Can anyone guess what it is? There’s a clue in the little video I put together :wink:

Best viewed in FULL SCREEN with AUDIO


Interesting but need more clues. Not that smart LOL.



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Is it a Space Mouse Pro you got Steve?

It is indeed a SpaceMouse!

However, it’s the ‘Compact’ (not the Pro)
I had meant to order the wireless version but ordered the wired version in error.

It takes a little getting used to especially after using a conventional mouse, a trackpad and a pen/tablet.

@Stephen, @tommyn

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I bought the pro model for use in Photoshop and ZBrush about ten years back but could never get comfortable using. I ended up swapping it for a large monitor. The newer ones look much better. .

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Still getting use to mine but just having the ability to smoothly rotate and zoom into a model is a boon for me. I just wish there were some keyboard shortcuts that could do the same and would have saved me £150