3Dconnexion/SpaceMouse usability testers wanted!

We finally have a working prototype of Shapr3D for Mac that supports the SpaceMouse!

Before we make it officially available, we’d like to ask our users to try it out in the form of a usability test

We’re looking for users who have:

  • a SpaceMouse (Enterprise, Pro, or Compact) at the ready

  • experience using the SpaceMouse with other CAD/3D software (including SOLIDWORKS, Fusion 360, Onshape, NX, or Rhino).

If you’re interested in testing the prototype, please reply to this post or email me at daniel@shapr3d.com!

We’ll schedule a 60-minute usability test for you sometime in the next 2 weeks. As a thank you, we’ll send you a 20 USD Amazon gift card for each session. And, you’ll get to keep the beta version of the app with SpaceMouse support. (a few weeks before the official release



I am using a Spacemouse compact and worked with Fusion 360.
I could help to test it.

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Awww it’s a shame I missed this message. I totally wanted to be a tester. I use NX heavily at work for product design. There’s no way I could ever be efficient without my space mouse.

Just a few more weeks hopefully and it will be out in the live version :slight_smile: