3Dconnexion/SpaceMouse usability testers wanted!

We finally have a working prototype of Shapr3D for Mac that supports the SpaceMouse!

Before we make it officially available, we’d like to ask our users to try it out in the form of a usability test

We’re looking for users who have:

  • a SpaceMouse (Enterprise, Pro, or Compact) at the ready

  • experience using the SpaceMouse with other CAD/3D software (including SOLIDWORKS, Fusion 360, Onshape, NX, or Rhino).

If you’re interested in testing the prototype, please reply to this post or email me at daniel@shapr3d.com!

We’ll schedule a 60-minute usability test for you sometime in the next 2 weeks. As a thank you, we’ll send you a 20 USD Amazon gift card for each session. And, you’ll get to keep the beta version of the app with SpaceMouse support. (a few weeks before the official release



I am using a Spacemouse compact and worked with Fusion 360.
I could help to test it.

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Awww it’s a shame I missed this message. I totally wanted to be a tester. I use NX heavily at work for product design. There’s no way I could ever be efficient without my space mouse.

Just a few more weeks hopefully and it will be out in the live version :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

Is there still a need of testers to help out with testing SpaceMouse?

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas!

We are aiming to release the first version supporting SpaceMouse later this week, so you will be able to check it soon, and we are looking for feedbacks :slight_smile:



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Hi Laci,

That sounds great! And thank you for the super-quick reply.
And of course, for a killer app that is WAY too polished, in the context of just recently leaving beta! Very impressive!

Best, Thomas

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This is fantastic news. This was the last compatibility hurdle for me coming from Rhino/Solidworks moving to MOI3D/Shapr3D.