New Ideas

Is it possible to have a model catalogue and pre made environments where we could share our models and if someone else needs something they can see if someone has made it instead of doing it themselves? If any of you have used sketchup you know what I mean.


Yeah, something like SketchUp’s Warehouse or ThingyVerse but specifically for Shapr3D models would be great!


Do you happen to know the file format(s) of items in the SketchUp Warehouse?


I think 3D models are in the native .SKP format only but I believe you can also upload .dwg and .dxf files. Unfortunately, I no longer have SketchUp so I can’t check.
(I recently retired my ageing PC in favour of my MacBook Air)

EDIT: I just did some ‘googling’ and it appears that models are exported/imported in the .dae format (COLLADA). It’s been a while since I’ve used it and was sure I’ve imported native files in the past :thinking:

1 Like is a good resource if you need 3d files of parts.
Maby not exactly what you looked for, but still a good resource.

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