New member & question

Hey y’all, I’m hoping to get some help in here and maybe see if there is some kind of user upload area where we can share our models if we want to.

Ok, little bit of back history, the first CAD software I’ve played with was AutoCAD R12, with the most recent being Sketchup. I’ve never played with Fusion360 as I’ve never been able to wrap my old brain around the workflow model they use.

So far I love this software, with a few exceptions. The camera orbiting gets extremely irritating and NOT intuitive or natural sometimes, while other times it acts just fine. Sadly I definitely have to say that I like SketchUp’s orbiting tool a lot better. Another is the line/arc tool, those need to be completely separate, or at least selectable like the offset tool is for “loop or single”. There have been way too times that I’ve tried to draw a line and it draws an arc instead. With that said, how can I force it to stay as a line? I never draw arcs, as I usually draw a full circle and then trim off what I don’t need.

I love that I can finally take my iPad and do my 3D work instead of taking my laptop everywhere I go, which basically that means that more work gets done instead of left behind.

Hi, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: We have received similar feedback as regards having a drop-down options menu for the line and arc sketch elements. This is already been considered and at the moment there is no ETA for its deployment.

We already have deployed improved orbiting and a new orientation cube. This will come in the next app update version release(version 3.30)
Thanks for your understanding!

Is there a user upload area? Maybe something similar to Trimble’s SketchUp warehouse?

Is there a way to force the line vs arc?

Hi, Shapr3d users share their designs here on the forum and we do no have a 3d model model warehouse.

Currently the line and arc does not have a primitive sketch option tab. We have received similar feedback and with time we plan on having more line and arc options. There is no ETA at the moment for when this will be available. Thank you for your understanding.