New release - 3.31 - Spline tool, Orientation cube improvements

Hello - we released 3.31 yesterday.

Hope you like the new Spline tool and minor improvements to Items (much more are in the pipeline) and the behavior of the Orientation Cube.

I put together a short article on all the changes:

Let us know what you think about the new version in this thread


I have already posted in praise of the New Spline:

Great work keep coming :sunglasses::+1:

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I think the touch/hold to modify the view cube option is great! It’ll take some getting used to because I didn’t realize what was happening at first until I read your version changes description, but now that I know I love it.

One thing though! I would really appreciate it if the app would stop deselecting my object when I snap to an orthographic view. It’s not expected behavior so it’s very cumbersome… I tend to have objects that I want to transform selected before I snap to a view, but then I have to select them all over again after my view changes.

There seems to be a problem with Tools > Projection using a Spline to project onto Angled Surfaces:

Please see also:

Hello Gelphyn,

what would be your expected result? currently if you select two faces, your geometry will be projected on both faces.

As stated in the Linked Thread it was attempted every whichway:

The Projection failed to appear on the four Faces
The ‘rounded’ Face was the only one to accept the Projection as expected.
The others aligned a copy of the Sketch with the angle of the Face but offset from the Face.
Several attempts to treat each of the four Faces individually, in pairs and all together ultimately caused S3D to Crash.
The File has been Uploaded for investigation.

There was no ‘square on’ Face available for the above ScreenShot a suitable face was created.
Note that it also projected to the Rear Face of the Main Body.

Having selected all three Faces it was anticipated that the appropriate portion of the Projection would appear on each of those Faces:

S3D was exited and restarted and also the iPad was Closed Down and restarted, after each scenario the processes described in the Linked Thread were carried out.
In the Linked Thread the Projection portion across the Rounded Face was the only one to be successful.
In the above test the Projection with all three Faces selected failed as shown:

If a single Face is selected the Projection appears as a single full replica of the Spline on the same Plane as the Face but offset as shown.

Thanks for the explanation - we will look into it

Looks good the Update to 3.32 has enabled Projection to function properly across all three angled and one rounded face of the original Design.

I imagined this would be similar for the following:

The above had the mis-projected Spline removed and on running Tool > Projection again it appeared in what looks like the same place as it did first time out.
This Design was one of a few, while attempting to determine what was going on.

This is the shapr. File involved:

SplineOnAngledPlane.shapr (128 KB)