Sharp3D crashes on projection tool


I am learning how to use Shapr3D on Ipad Pro (2021). Recently I ran into problem when application crashes as soon as I select “Projection” tool. I try to project spline on the surface of a cilinder. Is there any reason for that?

Thanks in advance.


Could you give us some details?
The app and OS version, selected language, and any steps to produce the issue would help.
A video, and the workspace (if not confidential) could also help us greatly.


App version is 4.7.0 (1438)
Os is iOS 14.6 (18F72)
App language is currently russian. I can try english as well.
Steps are following:

  1. Open new project.
  2. Make a circle and stretch it to cilinder.
  3. In any plane perpendicular to cilinder base make a rectangle.
  4. Create an offsetting plane from this rectangle.
  5. On a plane draw a spline and then try to project it on a cilinder
    Now 2 thing happen for me:
    6.1. App freezes completely and then shuts down.
    6.2. App allows to make a projection - if it was the first tool selected after reopening the app and the project.


  • reinstalling app
  • restarting Ipad

Issue remained.

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Thanks! I was able to reproduce it.

Seems like an issue related to the translation, and how it’s handled, if it’s possible, please use english until it’s fixed. We are already working on it.

Thank you very much!
Whith setting language to english issue seems to be gone.

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