New sketch for new part

Hi all,

As a newby, I am busy with a new telescope assembly. (Assembly in Shapr3D seems to be more a ‘folder’ if I’m correct? :slight_smile:

I have done one part now, and want to start a new sketch. I had a look at older posts, and gathered that I can start a new plain for a new sketch, but my issue here is… See picture attached. There’s a sketch plane folder in the items section, listing 22 sketches in the folder? Almost like every line is a new sketch every time? Did I start something in the wrong way maybe?

I have watched through many tutorials, but realised that the real learning is, when in practise, you start with your own design.

(I sometimes think, it will be nice to do an old school live training session. :slight_smile:


It’s not a folder, but a sketch plane. Currently, all sketches that are created on the same plane go to the same “group”.

You can create new planes by drawing sketches on Construction planes and moving them away from the other plane, or any planar faces.

Thanks a lot for your response. Much appreciated. I will try it. (It got very busy in my sketch, doing lots of parts from one sketch… :slight_smile: