New to iPad and iOS so please be "gentle"

I have downloaded the Sharpr3D app onto my iPad Pro and I cannot begin to express how happy I am to be able to work on my iPad; it is the answer to a LONG standing problem.

I looked at the site and saw that there is pricing information for a professional version of the application. I looked in the App Store on my iPad and I do not see the professional version. Can someone tell me how to go about this?

When I first began the tutorials, there was a time lapse architecture tutorial shown but I can’t find it anywhere now. I am going to look for tutorials on the site but should anyone know of an architectural tutorial you would make an old man’s day!

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hi Nat,

You can make the upgrade within the app- 90% of the features are in the free version, which you can download from the App Store. After you make the upgrade, PRO features will become available in the app.


Latest tutorials are on Youtube:


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Thank you Daniel!
I finished half of the beginner tutorials for sketching last night and I believe I could already start doing some architectural work; my goal is to recreate a Medieval structure for which I have ancient, mostly incomplete plans and images of the current ruins.
I’m hoping that there will be a best practices type of tutorial or perhaps that will be developed as we move along? I like to work as efficiently as possible and believe that organization helps to reduce mistakes.
Thank you so much for the links!

Hi Nat - project sounds exciting. Please share here when ready :slight_smile:

As for the best practices tutorials. Currently we are putting together/working on a new type of tutorials that will focus on decisions, tips and tricks. It is still a few weeks away, when ready I’ll post it on the forum for sure.