Is Ipad Pro 2015 still OK for latest version Shapr3d?

Hi All, I’d like to buy cheapest ipad pro (2015 year) and try Shapr3D on it for understand if it’s feasible for me or not. Buy newer more expensive iPad for testing purpose is not good idea.
Is there anyone who use latest version of Shapr3D on oldest ipad pro ?
How it is running ? any issues ?

Thanks in advance


It really depends on the complexity of the designs you want to handle. For vigger assemblies I would definitely recommend the new one.

Ps.: it’s Shapr (shaper) :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast reply!
It’s running on old ipad pro, so I could test.
If it will be feasible for me for design on ipad - for complex project I will buy new one

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I don’t have answer but I would say 2015 version in 2024 that is pretty old. If you are paying for the software I would save up for a m2 ipad pro or wait a few Weeks for the M3 ipad pro.