New version (3.1) is out with new tutorials, case studies and much more

Hello - As you might have noticed, we just released the 3.1 version, which is our biggest release since December.

Our goal with the new release was to help you learn 3D modeling the easy way.

We started to work together with Educational specialists and 3D CAD experts to give you a wide range of videos. We will continuously release new ones over the year with a focus on different tools, workflows, industries.

To get an overview of how you can access learning content in the new Dashboard, make sure to get a look at the related support article:


Having spent much of my career as a training director heavily involved in training design, I’m comfortable saying that the new beginners tutorials are excellent and are presented at a pace suitable for beginners. Thank you!

Until now, all the tutorials I’d tried from a number of app’s are all written more in line with helping those already familiar with 3D make the transition to a different program so many assumptions are made and the pace is typically much too fast.

I offer this input because I believe that with the intro of the new, much lower cost iPad with pencil capability, there is a good chance that you will see a big jump in the number of complete neophytes like me who will need true beginners level material.

Until these new beginners tutorials came out I admit that I was feeling that my investment in my 12.9” iPas Pro 2 was a bad decision. Not so today.

Thank you again!


Having trouble getting new version updated. I have plenty of bars LTE Verizon, but says I need wi-if.

Wi-if choices I have are limited and anemic.

Any way to get a link to be able to update using LTE data?

That’s a limitation in iOS. It won’t let you update an app over LTE that is over 200MB :frowning:

Thanks for that information. That sucks that iOS does that.

Hello, why now I can’t see the tutorial videos as the same time I sketch?
These functionality was very useful.

Hi Lucas - which videos are you referring to?

The short in-app “tutorials” are still in there, but we only show it for the first time. You can make them appear by tapping on the “?” mark on the top banner.

Where, I don’t see it

Hi - hope this helpsIMG_2898