How do you like the new Ipad pro

I am a engineer from China, have worked 12 years, experienced in Solidworks(from 2006 to 2009),Siemens NX(Designing moulde,from 2009 to 2014),PTC Creo(Design moulde,from 2014 to now)。

Excilent to have such a amazine APP as SHAPR3D,it is what’s I’ve dreamed many years ago。I like to try it, but I do not have the new Ipad pro, I have Ipad mini, it provides reviewing function only。Is there anyone have the new Ipad, just wondering if it’s affordable for SHAPR3D,I always run 100+ parts。

By the way,wondering ,if the developers have a plan to improve the painting function,I wanna free paint on the surface of the mold directly instead of apply pics.