New user interface - not stringing commands

Hey guys!, so love the new adaptive UI which recommends tools and operations. The biggest missed opportunity I can see is stringing multiple operations together.

So say I select a face it recommends extruding, then I extrude but after I want to now chamfer… well the UI doesn’t show me That option, so I have to “deselect all” then reselect the faces, then the chamfer option shows.

Almost everything stops after the first command suggestion. I’d expect the UI to update with multiple possible operations so I don’t have to deselect and reselect my face selections each time.

Is this update coming?. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?.

You don’t have to deselect all, just seect the edge. The existing selection will be automatically dropped. Does this make it more convenient? This was a long debate btw how to handle this case, so any feedback is welcome.

Yeah I was hoping that I could say extrude the face, then get recommended chamfer/fillet or other operations without having to reselect or toggle a selection. I try avoiding selecting where I can because it is very time consuming I also can have a shaky hand sometimes so I often make the mistake of double tapping at the very end of a selection and ruining my whole selection… there still isn’t a way to In do a mistake like a double tap while selecting specific faces right?. So often I’ll be selecting for 5-10mins details to fillet to get to the end and by mistake double tap haha, then the selection is ruined and undo looses everything also :(.

I’d also after each operation by default hold the current selection and allow the user to add to the selection. For a lot of operations in shapr3d I’ll do something and want to continue and the selection is dropped when I try to add something. My workaround has been where possible break the model into smaller parts in folders that I can select that way.