Accidental double taps on edges either select object or deselect everything

This shit has me screaming and cursing. For real.

I really like using the software for the most part…

But when my hand shakes the wrong way and hits the screen twice with my pen I select the entire damn object.

When I am trying to do a complex round/fillet.

To me this is a bug because it works in contravention of the program philosophy. I can understand if you select a face and double tap to select the body…but the idea the the same is applied to an edge on the body is inefficient at best and I’m trying to be nice in articulating it but after so many times when it happens I finally scream “DAMMIT” as loud as my lungs would allow…stopped learning the software and opened the forums to write about the issue.

The other thing is the arrows.

Frankly I was happier pushing and pulling surfaces without the arrows. The arrows demand that you use the pen to click and drag…before it was just the entire area. Both methods work but it would be better to be able to choose that method as we are working.

Sorry to bother and thanks in advance

Thanks a lot, this is really useful feedback. Actually we are working on selection improvements right now, and we will consider your feedback and try to give a solution for it.

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Another similar problem is undo by finger double tap which occurs many times when trying to rotate the view. You will not be notified about the unwanted undo in small details

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

Don’t get me wrong…I love your software so much I chose the yearly license.

What your UI/UX team could do is check out a free app called wings3d.

What Shapr3D is to solid CAD modeling…wing3d is to winged edge polygonal modeling.

I know that these are normally separate world in regards to 3d virtual modeling.

But I do feel that there were some great advances regarding selection and menu organization that you could maybe borrow from.

I know you all are working hard on this gem.

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You have to allow two finger rotation on appearance menu. It works for me.

It’s on for me. But I meant another thing. And it’s that:
When two finger rotation is on, then unwanted undos happen sometimes and you must be careful about fingers not rise from screen immediately, otherwise the app does undo.

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Yes, it’s true, it just happened to me. I think they should change the undo / redo gestures and use them with three fingers. I don’t know another working solution. What do you think?

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Yes three fingers is the best for undo and 4 fingers for redo. But removing gestures for undo/redo would be nice too I think.