Copy and Paste Functionality Added Please!

I frequently find myself wanting to copy an object or a face or a line so I can paste it either in the same file or in another file, but alas there is no copy/pate support. Copy/paste is such a fundamental aspect of editing in general that I was SHOCKED to find that Shapr3D did not support it. I use this functionality in many different ways (for example: as a way to save a state of an object before I “undo” changes I made to it).

I expect that CMD C or CMD X will copy/cut an object, face, or line(s) from a project with the ability to CMD V to paste it in. Paste should be supported in any file, not just the file you copied it from. Paste should react differently based on the state of things when you paste. For example if nothing is selected and I paste, it should add that object to a “central” place on the file. If I have a face of an object selected and I paste, that object should be added to that face (if possible, if not an error should be shown or something).

There is “copy” functionality currently, but only as an addition to mutating an object. This restriction prohibits natural functionality that users expect from design and editing software. It makes it much more difficult to organize and combine your different designs, requiring a convoluted and time-wasting exporting/importing process to compensate.

While this is not a blocker for me, it is a feature that is NOTICEABLY lacking from Shapr3D and prohibits many of my workarounds for other missing features from Shapr3D (like versioning).


Thanks, I agree 100% with your comment. I recently subbed to Shapr3D on iPad. Overall I’m happy with the product but to discover that copy & paste within and between files is not supported is a shock. Copy & paste is a fundamental feature of any software. I can’t think of any object based editing software I’ve used in the last 30 years that did not support copy & paste. I will persevere with the clunky export/import method but for me it may be a deal breaker. I hope Shapr3D fix this.

Fully agree. It makes keeping a library of common components like hinges, threads, etc. unnecessarily difficult.