New version: 2.0.6

Hi all,

another update is out now, here’s what’s new:

  • New constraints! You can now add tangent and symmetry constraints to your sketches and are able to disjoint merged points.

  • New constraint tools: you are now able to trim those dangling line fragments with ease. We also added an option to quickly lock all points of a selected sketch.

  • Extra options for extrusion: you can now decide whether you want to fuse, subtract or intersect with your most recently extruded faces, or create an entirely new shape from them.

  • Extra options for point-point constraint: beside the default absolute distance you can now set a distance constraint that is only applied to the horizontal or vertical direction

  • A lot of you asked us to show the length of a line while drawing it. We just did that.

  • As always, there are lots of general stability improvements, bug fixes and UI tweaks.

We have a very detailed blog post on all the new features with pictures and videos. Make sure to check it out:

Have fun! :slight_smile:


New update sounds great but can’t get the app to update on my iPad. Have been through update process but when I look at the app version in bottom right menu it says 2.0.5. Have I missed something?

It takes some time until the update rolls out to every App Store.

OK. Will try again in the morning:cry:

Got it now:slight_smile:

I was pleasantly surprised by the update this morning. The new constraints and tools look great, I already begun making use of them.

However, I noticed i discernible degradation in performance. My most versatile sketch (base-plate for a raspberry pi based robot with plenty of holes in it to mount things like the motors, auxiliary PCBs, batteries etc.) suffers quite badly. Adding new shapes has become so slow that e.g. moving a line endpoint over another group’s corner to “snap” it isn’t possible anymore.

Do you have any advice for this?

Sorry to hear that :confused: Can you send your workspace in shapr format to I’ll take a look at it on Monday.

just sent the mail. let me know if that worked.