Newbie alert - joining cylinders of different radii

OK, complete 3d/CAD modeler here so please bear in mind I don’t know the right words.

Two cylinders, both about 3mm thick walls with overlapping radii. Smaller cylinder is centered above the larger cylinder.

How can I “join” the two cylinders with a part of a cone (I can’t even figure out how to draw a cone!) that means the two cylinders with join seamlessly with a slope between them both.

The pics are for context.

First, make the cylinders solid. Then use Loft to connect them as cone. Do Union.
Than use the Shell tool at both ends with 3mm thickness. You cannot loft non-solid surfaces.


Like mike said. Or you extrude one cylinder, the choose the top edge and use the Offset edge tool, then select the top faces and continue extruding. Then use the Shell tool.

I used lateral thought processes to come up with chamfered edges for each cylinder and then moved them to connect.

It’s not elegant, but it works!

I’ll have another go with your methods, thank you @TigerMike and @Oregonerd.