Two tubes joined by taper

I’m trying to make a tapered dust collection port for my wood shop, 3d printing. The two pieces I’m trying to connect at different diameters.

I’ve created the two tubes at the right diameter for each. How do I smoothly connect them with a conical section?

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Use Loft in the Tools menu. Select one surface, then the other.

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Tried on the edge face. Not a valid surface.

I’d first make both cylinders solid. Then do the loft and union. From there do a shell for your desired wall thickness.


The simple solution would be to make the cylindrical pieces solid then loft between them before shelling to the desired thickness. That’s assuming both parts have the same wall thickness.

An alternative approach (appropriate for parts with different wall thickness or parts with other features that would be lost if they were made solid) is to split the parts before lofting then union again…


Although shelling will create a uniform wall thickness, it is easy to alter the thickness if needed.


Yes, of course, This would be the natural choice.

My alternative approach is just something I frequently use when joining two parts that already have details that would be otherwise lost if I made the parts solid.

There are several other approaches one could use depending on the particular workflow.

Thanks for all the reply’s. It printing now. We’ll see how it turns out

Does your dust collection port require a tapered fit in the corresponding part (hose, whatever)?
You might want to give one or both ends a tapered fit. Here I used a 5° taper for demo purposes. I believe the actual taper is more like 2-3°.


It does require a tapered fit. The main hose is a 4” coupler and some of my tools have smaller ports, to top it off, the smaller ones aren’t universal in sizing, so I’ll probably be doing a few of these.


David, not Shapr3D related, but you may want to checkout
I use these to fit my vacuum hoses to various tools.

Looks great. Love the colour too! :+1: