Newbie Help - Adjust Dimensions

I have a design that needs to have dimensional changes to it, but I haven’t figured out how to do so. Here is the design -

I need to reduce the diameter of the top of the pin cap by 1mm and increase the size of the opening on the block by 1mm.

Can I do so without having to redraw those two objects?

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Here is the file I’m working on -
shapr3d_export_2022-11-02_10h21m.shapr (49.1 KB)

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Hey @SgtRockOG!

The pin is a simple task, just grab the perimeter and move the faces to make it bigger or smaller:

The opening is a trickier one because of the fillets, but that’s just a few additional steps. You may have to remove the fillets and redo some details. Let me share another video about that:

ps.: when applying fillets, please take care to have enough material to blend the surfaces. Not like me at the end of the video :smiley:

Thank you so much, the videos are very helpful! I just started with Shapr3D yesterday and this makes it clear of the surfaces I need to affect.

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