Resizing completed models

Hi all, I’m new to the Shapr3d and new to the forums. Researching a new app to replace Fusion, and love the UI and efficiency of this. However, I am running into a few issues…

I frequently have to resize our completed models to meet specifications, or after testing. Many times the size change needs to be in a single dimension, keeping other features of the model intact. To do this in fusion, I would go to the applicable sketch and change the dimension. As this is a direct modeling system, I don’t know how to accomplish similar tasks. I’m attaching some example screenshots using a simple model.

Here is the model. Say I want to make the front notch smaller. The only way I could figure out how to do this in Shapr3d is to manually delete all of the fillets and then push/pull on the square edges, then redo the fillets.

Same model, bottom view. If I wanted to make the base wider or deeper, How would I approach it in Shapr3d? It is way too cumbersome to delete fillets and such just to make simple size changes. Also, in fusion, those slots are set at specific intervals that are maintained with dimension changes on the sketch. How can I move them as well? What if I wanted to only widen the base of the model without changing the top size?

Sorry for all of the questions, I’m just trying to see if these types of changes are even feasible in a direct modeling environment.



Before i fillet and chamfer ( if i think i may need to change later) i save it in a file so i can go back and make quick changes. It takes very little time. If i want to move slits or holes i just tap the hole along with corresponding edges and move the hole, or if it is a pattern of holes i just close the slit or hole and redo the hole. The main thing i have found is how you go about your individual workflow….i watch tutorials, and read the “need help” in the forum to see how people go about working with Shapr3d. I find that for me, since i never used another CAD program, that issues people have are often related to how their workflow was done in another system. Even though i have no previous CAD experience i have found Shapr3d really easy to learn, your workflow will come naturally when using Shapr3d. Good luck

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I make a copy of the object at certain points before adding complex features and then hide the copy. That way if you go too far, and that does happen, delete the object and unhide a previous version.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll do a bit more research on workflow. My concern is that it may be too inefficient to make changes in our situation, where we have models with parts fittings and set dimensions in certain areas, but requiring multiple adjustments in others. It’s really simple to make these changes on a parametric model, (Like 3 clicks once the program is open) without having to revert the model or redo any fillets or other finishing features.

Did you ever figure this out? Im running into same issue.

A lot of this issue is fixed with the -arametric beta