Newbie needs help - how to draw this ring


as a newbie to 3D and watching several tutorials I ask for some help to draw a ring like on my “not good” sketch. The diameter of the ring should be 16.5mm

The point is, that as long as things are symmetric and not tapered I can work out quite well with shapr3D.
But in this case I am lost.
I try to use sweep, rotate ect. but struggle completely when it comes to “more free forms” I fail.
Thank you for any help and maybe this issue is very easy to solve.


Hi - this tutorial shows you how to create this ring: Hope it helps


Hi Daniel,
I watched this video already a few times, and as long as things are straight its no problem.
I haven´t figured out how to get a doom on the inside and outside. The doom has got more than 3 radius. I hope you get what I mean.

As well within the sideviews the ring is tapered on both sides. (from 2,1 to 1,5mm and from 8,0 down to 2,0mm in a curve.
I have no clue how to get this done. Please be gentle with these newbie questions.
Solution A I tried:
I tried to draw the profile and to rotate this around an axis. This works perfectly but can I taper the profile while rotating? I think this is not possible.

Solution B:
I draw 3 Profiles and put these on 6 o´clock; 9 o´clock and 12 o´clock around a circle of diameter 16,5mm and used the loft function. This would work for a tapered profile in any dimension perfectly, but I would need to use a lot of profiles to get the tapered profil following the circle of 16,5mm to get a ring round, as the loft function is taking “the shortest way” from one profile to the next profile.

I will send another more easier tapered profile to make things more comprehensible.
Happy new year to you all and thank you for this software.