Newbie problem: conical


my name is Dirk and I use shapr3D since some days.
I am used to conventional CAD but want to try this fast and modern tool.

Now I struggle trying to sketch a conical with defined diematers on each side. I only see the option to define an “angle” on the second circle-side. I do want to define the two diameters.

How can I switch from “angle” to “diameter” for defining the conical???

Thanks for help!


Hi, thanks for reaching out. It’s not possible to switch from angle to radius (diameter is currently not supported) to adjust the distance between perpendicular lines.

Radii can only be adjusted for curves and circles.
I know conicals can be created by revolving a right-angled triangle but if you can share your design approach we could find a way to incorporate curves to allow you to define radii.