Newbie questions

I am genuinely interested in this product!

What is the recommended iPad for general usage? Does the iPad selection affect speed and reliability of operation?

Is there a minimum data storage recommendation. I would only require a few designs on the iPad at any one time.

Can files exported to solidworks be used immediately for CFD or do all shapes have to be re-created?

I’m currently using the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 256 GB

I use the iPad extensively daily minimally 12 to 16 hours per day on multiple programs. I specifically have run Shapr3D extensively without a hiccup whatsoever.

The transition between Solidworks and Shapr3D for myself has been seamless both directions.

As far as computational fluid dynamics or thermal simulation tools, I haven’t used those features personally while taking a file from Shapr3D to Solidworks. I personally would think those features will function just fine… :sunglasses:

Hi Palo, since you will only have a few designs on the iPad at a time, the 128GB model of any of the Apple Pencil compatible iPads will be very sufficient. Here are the Apple Pencil compatible iPads and the Apple Pencil generation they support:

You can immediately export your solid body modeled in Shapr3d to SolidWorks for CFD.