Im new to Shap3d and I made a project for a CNC machine, brand homag… dont know the type…

Im not a paid user and im not planning to pay since im not going to use it on a daily basis just this one project and maybe one more within a year or something.

Now the only options to export this is via .STL and .3MF…

Is this enough to send tomthemoperator?

If not, im willing to activate the 14 days trial buttttt my question is; do I have to pay a minimum of 1 year or can I cancel before the 14 days ends so they wont charge me a year?

Too bad there are no other options/pricing for the hobby users, which I understand is hard, but still its a nice piece of spp for the hobbyists.

Would love to hear!

Greets, Morphaxx

You should see a monthly option, around US$20 or so.
Are you doing 2D CNC work? If so, ensure you’re using the Top view to draw on. Then export using the Sketches menu. Use DXF format. Turn off dimensioning,

Thanks for your quick responds!

I wish it was 20$ its €45 which is darn expensive for just one file hehe… I guess its just bringing the ipad to the operator…

Ok. I’ve been a user for several years. I haven’t looked at monthly rates since the beginning.